Mase Net Worth: Bio, Early Life and Career

Mase Net Worth

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Mase Net Worth: How Rich Is the Rapper in 2022?

In a recent episode of the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, rapper Fivio Foreign revealed that he received an advance of $5,000 from Mase’s RichFish label. The deal has since come into question, as many fans are wondering why Mase has decided to sign a relatively unknown artist.

Full Name Mason Durell Betha
Birth Date / Age August 27, 1975 / 46 Years old
Birth Place Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Source of Wealth Rapping
Relationship Status Single
Height 5 ft. 9 in. / 176.5 cm.
Net Worth $10 Million

Mase Early Life:

Mase Net Worth

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Mason Durell Betha, sometimes known as Mase, was born on August 27, 1975, in Jacksonville, Florida. Mason Betha is his father. Season Betha is a fraternal twin brother of Mase and four other siblings.

His father abandoned the family when he was three. His mother then moved them to Harlem, New York where he grew up and spent most of his childhood. When he started acting out and getting in trouble at thirteen, his mother sent him back to Jacksonville.

When he was fifteen, he went back to living in Harlem after staying with relatives in Florida for two years. In high school, playing basketball was one of his favorite pastimes and he aspired to join the NBA one day.

Later, he attended the State University of New York. Here, instead of continuing to pursue his basketball dreams, he focused on music. He started producing demo tapes and performing regularly at local nightclubs which lead him to drop out of college so that could focus on music full-time.

Mase Career:

Mase got his start as a musician in high school, when he was a member of the rap group Children of the Corn, which also included fellow Harlem rappers Big L, Herb McGruff, Bloodshed, and his childhood buddy Cameron. His stage name at the time was “Murda Mase.” Season then introduced him to Cudda Love in 1996 when he was twenty years old.

Love managed The Notorious B.I.G., and took Mase to a rap convention in Atlanta, Georgia, where he met and rapped for Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs. Mase’s $250,000 Bad Boy Records contract impressed Combs and led to him signing the young artist.

Mase shortened his name from “Murda Mase” to just “Mase.”. After that, Mase began appearing in several projects, including the video for 112’s song “Only You” with The Notorious B.I.G., Puff Daddy’s songs “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down” and “Been Around the World”, as well as The Notorious B.I.G.’s hit single “Mo Money, Mo Problems”.

In 2007, Mase Quit music again but made a comeback in 2009 after being supposedly inspired by the death of Michael Jackson. He appeared as a featured artist on tracks like “Uptown Boy” by Harry O, the street remix of Drake’s “Best I Ever Had”, “Get It” by Big Ran, and others. In December 2012 he announced his leave from Bad Boy Records.

RichFish Records:

Mase started his own label, RichFish Records, which is an imprint under Columbia Records’ umbrella. He paid $1 million to sign Fivio Foreign to the label in 2019, according to sources.

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The rapper currently has approximately 266 thousand Instagram followers and just under 4 thousand  Twitter followers as of August 2022.

Mase Net Worth:

Since the late 1990s, Mase has accumulated a net worth of $10 million. The rapper has released three albums since then, all of which have achieved gold certification. Despite never topping his debut LP, Mase is still remembered in hip hop history.


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