Bret Hart Net Worth: Bio, Early Life and Career

Bret Hart Net Worth

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Bret Hart Net Worth: Age, Bio, Wife, and Family

The name Bret Hart is synonymous with professional wrestling. He is one of the most successful and well-known wrestlers in the history of the sport, and his career has spanned more than three decades. Hart was born in Canada in 1957, and he made his debut in the world of professional wrestling in 1978. Over the years, he has become a household name and achieved massive success both in North America and internationally. In this article, we will take a closer look at Bret Hart’s life and career, as well as his net worth.

Full Name Bret Sergeant Hart
Birth Date / Age July 2, 1957 / 65 Years Old
Birth Place Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Source of Wealth Professional Wrestling
Relationship Status Married To Stephanie Washington
Height 6 ft. 0 in. / 183 cm.
Net Worth $10 Million

Bret Hart Early Life:

Bret Hart was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on July 2, 1957, to wrestler Stu Hart and his wife Helen. He is of Greek and Irish ancestry through his maternal grandmother and grandfather respectively. Citizen of both Canada and the United States due to his mother’s birthplace in New York State. Bret is one of eleven children- four sisters Ellie, Georgia, Alison, and Diana; seven brothers Smithy Bruce Keith Wayne Dean Ross Owen raised in a large extended family.

From a young age, he was introduced to wrestling. During the intermission at Stampede Wrestling events, he observed his father instructing future fighters like Billy Graham. Before school, his father had him distribute flyers for nearby wrestling events. He began selling programs to Stampede Wrestling events when he was four years old.

Personal Life:

In 1982, Hart married Julie Smadu. They were together for thirteen years before divorcing in 2002. Then he was engaged to Cinzia Rota for a short time before marrying Stephanie Washington in 2010.

In 2002, the wrestler had a stroke after a bicycle accident. He needed physical therapy for several months to fix the paralysis on the left side of his face.

Bret Hart Career:

Bret’s professional wrestling career was launched when his father received a promotion into the WWF. He served as the New Generation Era’s brand face and, with The Hart Foundation as well as Jim Neidhart, had great success.

He developed his gimmick and style during his tag team run, which lead to him becoming known as the Excellence of Execution because of how graceful he was. Bret went on to win both the tag team championships and the Intercontinental championship. In an untelevised match, Ric Flair was defeated by Bret for the gold. His relationship with Shawn Michaels started declining when Michaels Entertainments offered him a contract that would separate his value from commitment.

When McMahon told him to take the WCW contract, Bret Hart refused. Vince had promised Bret that he would compete against Shawn Michaels in his final match.

The situation became one of the most disputed wrestling moments, and Bret had a terrible time working for WCW as well. Goldberg kept injuring Hart, to the extent that concussion resulted in the cancellation of his contract.

Bret finally announced his retirement in 2000 but then reconciled with Vince in 2005 and made numerous appearances in WWE since then. He even accepted a deal in 2009 but came back for more stories anyway.

Bret Hart Instagram and Twitter:

As of July 2022, the retired wrestler has about 913 thousand Instagram followers.


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He also has 1.3 million Twitter followers.


Bret Hart Net Worth

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For nearly a decade, Bret Hart has been married to Stephanie Washington. On July 24, 2010, the pair exchanged vows. Dallas Jeffery Hart was his second kid; he was born in August 1984. Alexandra Sabina Hart was the third child of Bret and Julie Smadu, who had all four children during their marriage.

Blade Colton Hart is his final kid, who arrived in June 1990. Jade Michelle Hart was his firstborn daughter (Jade Michelle). Dallas Jeffery Hart is his second son (Dallas Jeffery). Alexandra Sabina Hart was the third child born to Bret and Julie Smadu (Alexandra Sabina). Blade ColtonHart is his youngest offspring (Blade Colton).

Bret Hart Net Worth:

Bret Hart’s net worth of $10 million was built up throughout the 1980s. He went on to become one of the most famous professional wrestlers in WWF/E history over that period. His wrestling income, as well as his acting jobs and writing work, have generated millions.


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