YBN Nahmir Net Worth: Bio, Girlfriends and Career

YBN Nahmir Net Worth

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YBN Nahmir Net Worth, Age, Height, and Girlfriend

YBN Nahmir is one of the most popular young rappers in the United States. He first came to prominence with his hit single Rubbin Off the Paint, which has over 100 million views on YouTube. Since then, he has released several other popular singles, including Bounce Out with That. In this article, we will take a look at YBN Nahmir’s net worth, age, height, and girlfriend.

Full Name Nicholas Alexander Simmons
Birth Date / Age December 18, 1999 / 22 Years Old
Birth Place Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Source of Wealth Rapping
Relationship Status Single
Height 5 ft. 7 in. / 170 cm.
Net Worth $1 Million

YBN Nahmir Early Life:

Growing up, it was always known that Nahmir wasn’t very close with his father. The two had a difficult relationship and split when the artist decided to drop out of high school at age 17 in order to pursue music full-time instead.

In 2018 however following some success on the social media platform Instagram where he posted an older photo series chronicling how much better life has become since meeting someone new who loves him just like they should have done years ago.

When he first started streaming, Jakes’s favorite game was Rock Band and Grand Theft Auto V. But as time went on and his popularity grew within the gaming community for being able to freestyle over any song with ease – even those not typically considered rap material like U2 Linkin Park-, it would be no surprise that this eventually led him into becoming one of Hip Hop’s most sought after performers today.

YBN Nahmir Career:

At the age of fifteen, Nahmir released his first song on Youtube and it has since gained him a large number of followers. He also uploads regularly to YouTube where he recently dissed several Birmingham rappers in one track that went viral with 50 thousand Soundcloud plays already.

In September 2017, Nahmir released a song on YouTube that quickly became popular around the world. After its success in America with Rubbin Off The Paint (a title he also used for another one of his songs), he dropped out of school and completed his education through online classes to pursue music full time instead – eventually reaching number 46 on Billboard’s Hot 100 list.

When a record label claimed his song, YBN Nahmir was also dragged into an internet controversy. Aside from that, he established himself as one of the more notable members in charge of production in all aspects by creating this new company called “In My System” which is basically just him exercising complete creative control over everything they do and releasing their music through Lyrical Lemonade’s YouTube channel with over 128 million views since then.

In April 2018, Nahmir signed with Atlantic Records. Later that year in June he was named to the XXL’s 2018 Freshmen Class and saw several performances from YBN Cordae & Almighty Jay who released their collaborative project called “YB The Mixtape.” This helped introduce him around the world while also gaining popularity for himself as well.

YBN Nahmir Instagram and Twitter:

As of May 2022, the artist has 3.6 million Instagram followers.


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He also has 151,000 Twitter followers.


Following the success of his Rubbin Off The Paint track, Nahmir attended Clay-Chalkville High School in Alabama. He dropped out following that point but did eventually graduate with a degree from 2018’s class year (per Fader).

In the below section, we discuss YBN Nahmir’s educational qualifications. People are inspired by their favorite person’s activity and want to know more about it.

Achievements and Awards:

YBN Nahmir is still very much in his prime, and he has many chances to win awards. He’s yet to receive any recognition for his work as an artist; however, there are signs that this will change soon enough! From being nominated at the BET Hip Hop Awards all of last year until recently getting nominated again this time by MTV Video MusicAwardsand Grammy noms., it seems like YBN himself might just pull ahead with victory someday.

He’s also had some great commercial success with his songs being used in NBA and NFL games as well as appearing in a Beats by Dre commercial. YBN Nahmir is still very much in his prime and has many chances to win awards.

He’s yet received any of them, but he was nominated for the BET Hip Hop Awards as well as MTV Video Music Awards before being snubbed by Grammy voters this year – we’re sure that will change soon enough.

YBN Nahmir Net Worth:

YBN Nahmir Net Worth

Image Source Google – hiphopdx.com

The young, dynamic rap artist is worth $1 million as of June 2022. He’s still got his whole career ahead and he makes a lot more from music than just income – especially considering how popular YBN really grew quickly.


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