Katt Williams Net Worth: Bio, Early Life and Career

Katt Williams Net Worth

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Katt Williams Net Worth, Age, Bio, Kids, and Tickets

Katt Williams is one of the most successful and highest-paid stand-up comedians in America. With a net worth of $3 million, he has starred in several specials as well as in films such as Friday After Next. Katt Williams age is 43 years old, and he got his start in comedy while working at a local radio station. In this article, we will take a look at Katt Williams’ life and career, including his kids and upcoming tour dates.

Full Name Micah “Katt” Williams
Birth Date/ Age September 2, 1971 / 50 Years Old
Birth Place Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Source of Wealth Comedy / Acting
Relationship Status Single
Height 5 ft. 5 in. / 165 cm.
Net Worth $3 Million

Katt Williams Early Life:

He was born Micah Sierra Williams on September 2nd, 1971 in Cincinnati Ohio to a family of service workers. When he turned 13 years old his parents emancipation him from their custody with only enough money for food and shelter until age 21 when Katt left home without any warning or explanation.

As if someone just cut off an important part of his lifeblood but still had access to some aspects like bank account information which meant that at least once every six months there would be deposits made into these accounts by unknown sources so whatever happened next could’ve been planned ahead right? Well not exactly because before long word got out about how talented these young singers were becoming which led to Katt Williams’ net worth.

Katt Williams Career:

Katt Williams was just 16 years old when he first performed live stand-up comedy in an improvisation bar and was well received by the audience. He soon perfected his comic sense, and honed delivery time to crack out good humor with ease; by 1999 Klay had established himself as one of LA’s most outstanding comedians on entertainment circuit stages like “The Improv” “Comedy Club(s)”, Ice House” AND even at Hollywood Park Casino.

In 2002, Williams made his debut in films with the stone comedy ‘Friday After Next. It was the third installment of the Friday series and gave him widespread recognition worldwide since then he hasn’t looked back.

2008 special that launched countless international fanbases belong to this year’s awards season where Ice Cube is up againstOSTE song “Tootsee Roll” from ‘Think Different.

He’s been all over the map, but there is no doubt that Katt Williams knows how to have a good time. Whether he’s hosting shows or starring in documentaries about himself- this guy just never takes his foot off of whatever gas pedal life has given him.

Katt Williams Instagram and Twitter:

As of June 2022, the comedian has about 511 thousand followers on Instagram,


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and 2.1 million followers on Twitter.

Height, Weight, and Body Measurements:

Katt is a small yet powerful individual. He stands at just over five feet tall, with his height accounting for 1.66 meters or 5’6″. His weight rarely varies as he prefers to maintain the idealized figurehead of 66kgs (145lbs).

His most notable features are found in brown eyes and black hair that falls across brows often times drawing attention away from soft-looking lips which many people find attractive about this man.”

Awards and Achievements:

The 2018 Emmy Awards were a big night for Clayton English. The talented actor received two prestigious awards, including the coveted Choice Comedian Award from Teen CHOICE and the best comedy guest role in Atlanta.

Legal Issues and Incidents:

Williams has a history of getting himself into trouble during performances. He’s been arrested twice, once for carrying an illegal firearm and another time when he stole $20 from someone at Los Angeles International Airport in 2006. He’s been in trouble with the law since he was a teen.

“He had his fair share of run-ins with police, but it seems like nothing could stop this man from continuing on to become one half (or more)of an iconic Hollywood couple!” “The actor who played Bungie jumper Jack Hall as well another bus driver were both detained last November 2012 after allegedly beating men aboard their respective tour buses.”

Katt Williams Net Worth:

Katt Williams Net Worth

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Katt Williams is one of the most successful and well-known comedians in America. His $3 million net worth can be attributed to his years as a stand-up comic, with additional earnings coming from touring internationally on selected occasions since then – all while maintaining an active acting career that has seen him appear both television shows such memorable programs like Friday Night Lights or movies including 298 freeway without a man.


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