Rob Schneider Net Worth: Bio, Early Life and career

Rob Schneider Net Worth

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Rob Schneider Net Worth, Age, Bio, Kids, and Twitter

Rob Schneider is a well-known actor and comedian who has starred in many movies over the years. He got his start on Saturday Night Live and has since gone on to star in his own movies and comedy specials. Schneider is also a father of two kids, which he often talks about on Twitter. In this article, we will take a closer look at Rob Schneider’s net worth, age, bio, kids, and Twitter account.

Full Name Robert Michael Schneider
Birth Date / Age October 31, 1963 / 58 Years Old
Birth Place San Francisco, California, USA
Source of Wealth Acting / Comedy
Relationship Status Married To Patricia Azarcoya Arce
Height 5 ft. 3 in. / 161 cm.
Net Worth $12 Million

Rob Schneider Early Life:

Rob Schneider’s life has been quite eclectic. He was born in 1963 to parents who were real estate brokers, then went on the become an actor known for his lampoonery and work with California Raisins fame!

In addition, he mixed heritage as a well-his father is Jewish while his mom was Originally raised Catholic.


Rob Schneider Net Worth

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Rob Schneider started his career in stand-up while still attending high school. He was only 17 years old when he won a spot on HBO’s 13th Annual Young Comedians special, which aired back then on January 22nd, 1987.

Personal Life:

Schneider’s first child, Elle King was born in 1989 by way of former model London King. Rob and his ex-wife remained together for about three years before separating again; then Schneider got married to Helena (who he had two children with) from 2002 – 2005 but they too filed for divorce after just one year of marriage amid claims that her parents “beat” her when she was younger.

The comic is happily married to a television producer, Patricia Azarcoya Arce. Together they have two daughters named Miranda Scarlett and Madeline Robbie who live in Arizona with their family today.

Rob Schneider Instagram and Twitter:

The actor currently has 1.5 million followers on his Instagram account.


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In addition, Schneider has another 1.1 million Twitter followers as of June 2022.

Fans can also purchase stand-up tickets and merchandise from Rob’s official website.

Rob Schneider Career:

Rob Schneider’s career in entertainment has been a colorful one. He first started out as just any other stand-up comedian, performing all over New York City during his high school days and into college before landing on stage at nightclubs afterward.

In 1987 he was seen pitching jokes about himself for HBO’s Young Comedian special – which also happened to be released that same year when they put together an episode featuring Rob playing against type (kinda). After appearing opposite certain SNL stars such.

Joe Schneider made his film debut in 1990 with the movie “Martians Go Home.” He then went on to appear as Nedda for ‘Home Alone 2: Lost In New York’. The following decade saw him star ranging from Judge Dredd, Pinocchio (both parts), and Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo; to name just some.

Schneider has never failed to deliver an intense and captivating performance as the voice behind some popular films such ‘As Noah’s Ark: The New Beginning,’ ‘The Reef 2 – High Tide’, and Dino Time”. In addition he also did well with “Wings: Sky Force Heroes” 

and most recently playing back-to Jurassic Park.”

Status of the Relationship:

Patricia Maya Schneider is a television producer and actress who currently resides in the hills of Hollywood with her husband. She’s best known for playing supporting roles, but audits change when it comes to love: after dating for several years without marriage or kids (or both), they tied themselves knot on April 23rd, 2011! And now? Well, let’s just say there are no more private moments between them anymore.

Rob Schneider Net Worth

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Rob Schneider is an American actor and producer who has been married to Carley93 since 2012. They are the proud parents of two children, one in 2016 (Miranda)and another born last year(Madeline). Rob enjoys spending time with family on both coasts-whether it is visiting friends or going out for meals together.

Awards & Achievements:

Rob Schneider has been nominated for the Teen Choice Movie Awards in 2006, and at Blockbuster Entertainment Awards he was given a Favourite Actor – Comedy award. He also received three Primetime Emmy Award nominations over his career with Saturday Night Live: one each year 2003-2004; 2005–2006 (and 2009).

Rob Schneider Net Worth:

Rob Schneider’s net worth is $12 million dollars! The actor-comedian began accumulating his fortune in the early 1990s after he was hired for a few TV shows and movies, but it wasn’t until 1995 that Rob started making waves on stage across America. To this day you can still see him perform at some venues around town (and online).


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