Adam Levine Net Worth: Bio, Early Life and Career

Adam Levine Net Worth

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Adam Levine Net Worth: How Rich Is the Singer in 2022?

Adam Levine is one of the most successful pop stars in the world. With a net worth of $150 million as of 2022, he has definitely made a name for himself in the music industry. Levine got his start as the lead vocalist of Maroon 5 and has since released five studio albums with the band. He has also had a successful solo career and has appeared as a judge on The Voice since 2011.

Full Name Adam Noah Levine
Birth Date / Age March 18, 1979  / 43 Years Old
Birth Place Los Angeles, California, USA
Source of Wealth Singing / Television
Relationship Status Married To Behati Prinsloo
Height 6 ft. 0 in. / 182 cm.
Net Worth $150 Million

Adam Levine Early Life:

When Adam Levine was born, his mother worked as an admissions counselor for colleges and universities. His father owned a retail chain called M-Fredric whose name translates to “M” for merchandise in French; it’s also worth noting that he goes by one name only.

When he was only 7, Levine’s parents separated. This experience left him with memories of being in the hospital and going through therapy because his hysterical reaction to learning about their divorce led doctors to think there might be something wrong mentally; however, it turned out that this just showed how much love these two had for each other- even at such a young age.

Personal Life:

When American model and actress Levine was hitched to Namibian Victoria’s Secret Beauty Behati Prinsloo in 2014, she had two little girls. They are now ages five years old (Dusty Rose) as well as newborn Gio Grace who was born in 2018.

Additionally, they worked with Ferrari and Save the Children to raise funds that would help schooling programs in America during the COVID-19 pandemic. The conclusion is that Levine and Prinsloo established a tequila organization in December 2021.

Adam Levine Instagram and Twitter:

Levine has a lot of followers on Instagram and Twitter. In fact, he has over 14 million followers on Instagram


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And over 7 million followers on Twitter.

Adam Youtube channel:

Levine’s Maroon 5 YouTube channel also has a lot of subscribers over 35 million subscribers and over 20 billion total views.

Adam Levine Career:

After graduating from college, Adam returned to Los Angeles where with his friends and guitar player James Vallentine he formed a new band called Maroon 5. They wrote many songs about their experiences which were all recorded for an upcoming album “Songs For Jane”(2005). This would be the beginning of this brilliant creative career that brought them well deserved recognition in America’s society today.

Their discography includes six studio albums, including “Songs for Jane” in addition to It Won’t Be Soon Before Long (2007) and Hands All Over.

The list of collaborations by the restless Levine is long and includes many well-known figures in music. These include Eminem, Kanye West, Fifty Cent as well as Alicia Kiss Christina Aguilera Rihanna Kendrick Lamar.

When Adam was asked to be a mentor on the television project “The Voice,” he accepted with enthusiasm. He learned that Blake Shelton would also join him as part of his cast companions and has been working alongside Pharrell Williams for fifteen seasons now.

When Levine’s students won The Voice, he paid for their funeral arrangements and all of Christina Grimmie’s family expenses. His musical activities made him one of Hollywood’s wealthiest celebrities – but it also came with a price tag that many other stars don’t have to worry about.

The band Maroon 5 released a new music video for their hit “Girls Like You,” and at the end of it there are some very famous women in front: Jennifer Lopez as well as Rita Ora. In addition to them, Gal Gadot from Wonder Woman fame appears too! And if that isn’t enough Adam himself makes an appearance with his favorite girls-his wife & oldest daughter.


He grew up in a broken home, with his parents divorcing when he was just seven years old. To make matters worse; it turned out that their marriage had not been successful which led to therapy for hysteria on top of attending Brentwood School where he met Mickey Madden (who later joined BON JOVI), Ryan Dusick, and Jesse Carmichael- all future members of Bon Jovi.

He attended high school but was more interested in music than his studies. As a teenager, he started abusing drugs and it wasn’t long before this led to serious crime problems that would follow him for years of incarceration spanning three states.

Adam Levine Net Worth:

Adam Levine Net Worth

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The voice of Adam Levine has made him one of the wealthiest musicians in this century, with a net worth figure approaching 150 million dollars. Since 2002 he’s been working alongside Maroon 5 as well as other endeavors that have compensated him handsomely for his time spent on them.


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