Ice T Net Worth: Bio, Early Life and Career

Ice T net worth

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Ice T Net Worth: How Rich Is the Rapper in 2022?

What’s Ice-T’s net worth in 2022? How much money has the rapper made over his successful career? We did some digging to find out. Ice T is an American rapper and actor who’s best known for his music catalog as well as for appearing in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. He got his start in the late 1980s and released his debut album, Rhyme Pays, in 1987.

Since then, he’s released a total of nine studio albums and won two Grammy Awards. As far as acting goes, Ice T has appeared in dozens of films and TV shows over the years. So how rich is he?

Full Name Tracy Lauren Marrow
Birth Date / Age February 16, 1958 / 64 Years Old
Birth Place Newark, New Jersey, USA
Source of Wealth Rapping / Acting
Relationship Status Married To Coco Austin
Height 5 ft. 11 in. / 180 cm.
Net Worth $60 Million

Ice T Early Life:

Ice-T’s life was not an easy one. He grew up without his parents, who died when he was 12 years old; after that event, it seemed like all hope had abandoned him until relocation to Los Angeles where relatives lived became a permanent fixture of his boyhood days along with gang activity at schoolfriend requisite into adulthood’ suffice to say ice t avoided these things altogether-a feat only achievable through sheer willpower or divine intervention.

When he turned 18, his father died and left him the Social Security number one Eleven. He began collecting money from stamps that people put on old envelopes with their government benefits applications to help support a pregnant girlfriend (who later became his wife).

To get the cash flow going again after she gave birth but before getting deployed overseas so they could afford rent costs-he sold cannabis while also stealing vehicle stereos when needed.


Ice T has been rapping for over 25 years now, and he’s considered one of the greatest rappers ever to come out. His solo album sales stand at 7 million copies with an additional 3 million coming from Body Count–not bad for a guy who started his career in 1987.

In fact, it was enough reason why we named him our man on albums last year as well where Ice managed another 2 Platinum certificates under his belt by doing nothing but making sure everyone knows how tough they are through catchy tunes like ” trap Dweller” and “I Ain’t New To This”.

Ice T is a father of two and has been in the entertainment industry since 1983. He made his on-SCRIMT’s 19 debuts with Fame, acting even before he began creating music! In addition to this success story from Marrow; we also saw how well-known television roles helped boost their earning power such as Detective Odafin’s “Fin” Tutuola for Law & Order: SVU (2000).

In 2017 alone – Icemen received $60 million dollars because podcasting paid off big time during an interview conducted by W Kamau Bell which aired live streaming service Netflix.

Ice T Love Life

Ice-T and Coco had their first child together, Chanel. The couple repeated the vows of Ice’s Christian marriage in June 2011 on their nine-year anniversary as a reminder that love can last forever no matter how long it takes you to get there.

Ice Tracy Marrow Jr. was born to a high school sweetheart and the two of them continued attending their respective schools while raising him together in Darlene’s hometown during this time period.

In 1984, he met his second girlfriend at one such club where they shot Breakin’. She went on to feature on Rhyme Pays to cover subsequent issues after starting dating each other which is when I got introduced to their lives greatly impacted by what happened later down the road.

Acting Career:

Ice-T’s performance as Odafin “Fin” Tutuola in Law and Order: Special Victims Unit has made him perhaps the most popular actor of his generation. He previously put music behind him to embark on an acting journey starting with 1991’s New Jack City, where he played detective Scotty Appleton – a character that would later be known around America for its excellent television show adaptation by HBO entitled “ clashes.”

As an actor, he’s best known for his role in “New Jack City” alongside Hollywood heavyweights Denzel Washington and John Lithgow but has also appeared in films like Johnny Mnemonic, Tank Girl, and Ticker.

In addition to being a successful film producer/director with many credits under his belt (including some major blockbusters), Arthur stood out on screen as well–his natural charisma helped make him someone worth watching back when we first met.

Ice T Net Worth:

Ice T is one of the most successful rappers to come out in recent years. He has a net worth that ranges around 60 million dollars, thanks largely due to his extensive catalog and acting career which have both been lucrative for him over time.

Born into poverty on Jersey Shore but raised by loving parents who taught him everything they knew about work ethic – Ice had ambitions beyond what many other kids back then could even imagine. 


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