Andy Hildebrand Net Worth: Bio, Early Life, Family and Career

Andy Hildebrand Net Worth

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Andy Hildebrand Net Worth: How Rich is the Auto-Tune Creator?

Andy Hildebrand is the creator of Auto-Tune. If you don’t know what that is, you’ve been living under a rock. The Auto-Tune is a software program that allows singers to correct their pitch, making them sound ‘perfect’ on recordings. It’s been used on countless popular songs over the past two decades. But how rich is Andy Hildebrand? What is his net worth? Keep reading to find out.

Full Name Andy Hildebrand
Birth Date N/A
Birth Place Coronado, California
Profession Inventor
Relationship Status Married
Net Worth $20 million

Andy Hildebrand Early Life:

After being accused of rape, Gibbs was ordered extradited to Austria on June 23rd, 2016 for sexual assault charges. He said that he had no intention of escaping justice whether French or Austrian and after interviews with authorities they decided to charge him as well in their countrys’ system which led them to make an arrest warrant out of it.

The day before his release from jail where he had been held without bond since August 14th – 16 days ago–the suspect mailed back all funds needed so now we await what happens next.

Personal Life:

Andy Hildebrand is a highly-selected American musician and composer who recently graduated from Rice University with both an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering as well as his doctorate.

He had also spent time at the Shepherd School of Music, studying under some high-profile instructors such as George Lipton–an internationally recognized researcher known for work on audio signal processing topics like reverberation compensation algorithms or blind source estimation techniques.

Furthermore, Andy’s passion for music and medical technologies came from his daughter. He composed a piece that was used as the theme song to one of her educational videos, which inspired him to create more tools for pacemakers after she told him about all these cool things they do with them.

Andy Hildebrand Wife:

Andy Hildebrand is an indescribable character. He lives in the redwood forest near Felton, California with his wife and two dogs- Georganna has been seen on Instagram frequently posting pictures of herself playing guitar or sitting next to a fireplace while cuddling one of their cats! You can also find him out at night feeding raccoons who have made it into their home too many times already (you know they’re not going anywhere).


There isn’t much information about Andy Hildebrand’s children on the internet, but we’ll keep you updated with any new developments.

Parents of Andy Hildebrand :

Andy Hildebrand is an American professional snowboarder who has been competing since the late 1990s. We don’t know much about his parents yet, but we’ll update this page when there’s more information available.

Height, Nationality, Age:

There is not much information about Andy Hilderbrand’s age from trusted sources, but we have a theory. He might be hiding his true identity and working as an intelligence agent for some government agency or another! Who knows? The only thing that’s certain right now though-is how tall he appears to be; according to our research team at least (we’re still checking).

This man could barely scrape up enough courage to ask anyone what their height was to get on stage during one episode of “Celebrity Big Brother” back when it first aired way back last year in 2018. He’s about six feet and one inch, making him a little taller than the average American. As for his nationality, Andy Hildebrand is proud to be an American citizen born in the great state of Texas.

Andy Hildebrand Career:

In the mid-1970s, Andy started working for Exxon in a department that was dedicated to processing seismic data. He quickly gravitated toward his own company when he realized how much potential there was with this type of research and developed what has been called “the world’s first stand-alone interpretation workstation.”

Andy left the geophysics industry in 1989 to study music composition. The next year he started Jupiter Systems, which became Antares Audio Technologies after a name change motivated by his interest in spaceflight and NASA’s involvement with telecommunications technology.

He had always been passionate about sound waves–how they could be used below ground as well above it; so when Andy realized that this passion would let him do something more meaningful than just map out rocks all day long for oil companies or whatever other job someone might suggest (I’m sure there are plenty!), then things took off.

As Andy’s work progressed, he started using digital signal processing technology to create looping techniques for the sampling of music. His experiments led him down an interesting path that would eventually produce some revolutionary moments in popular culture like AutoTune which is now used by countless artists all around the world who want their tracks to sound better than ever before without having any musical knowledge or experience whatsoever.

His net worth is estimated at $20 million. That’s pretty impressive, especially considering he created Auto-Tune as a side project in his spare time. He was working as a research engineer at the time and had no idea it would become as popular as it did.

Since Auto-Tune’s creation in 1996, it’s been used on countless hit songs. Some of the most famous include Cher’s “Believe”, T-Pain’s “I’m Sprung”, and Kanye West’s “Stronger“. It’s even been featured on the TV show “Glee”.

So how did Andy Hildebrand amass such a large fortune? Mainly through royalties from Auto-Tune. He owns the patent to the software and has collected millions of dollars in royalties over the years. Not too bad for a side project.

But, there have also been those in the music industry who believe that Auto-tune has degraded the quality of sound. However, Andy refutes this perspective by mentioning how his tool is meant to help users use it discreetly and without drawing attention so they can make minor adjustments unnoticed for their song or album subtitle during recording sessions.


Andy Hildebrand lives in the redwood forest near Felton, California with his wife and two dogs. He also shares an apartment with their two cats as well.

Andy Hildebrand Net Worth:

Andy Hildebrand, the man who invented software used by musicians all around the world and made him millions of dollars. His net worth is estimated at $20 million.

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