Nivea Net Worth: Early Life, Boy Friend and Career

Nivea Net Worth

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Nivea Net Worth: How Rich is the Singer Actually in 2022?

Nivea B. Hamilton is an American singer who has been in the music industry since 2002. She first gained attention with her single “Don’t Mess with My Man,” which was featured on the Bad Boys II soundtrack. Nivea is known for her soulful voice and energetic performances. As of 2022, she has a net worth of $2 million.

Full Name Nivea B. Hamilton
Birth Date March 24, 1982
Birth Place Savannah, Georgia
Profession Singer
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $2 million

Nivea Early Life:

When Nivea was a child, she loved singing in the choir at her church and had an amazing voice. However, being up on stage or having others hear what you are doing makes some people feel insecure so as soon as school started each day would start by hiding behind other singers until they were finished performing for that day because if it came time to show off how good of talent she really did have inside those lungs then there wouldn’t be any room left.

Grandmaster Flash saw potential in Nivea and wanted to help teach her how she could better express herself through music. He believed that with the right guidance, people like Mariah Carey would be able to change their lives by following suit as an inspiration for making changes that are beneficial both emotionally and physically.

Mesnick explains “This passage talks about what motivates me: helping others find expression.”

Personal Life:

Nivea had ambitions of her own, but she also knew how to balance them with Lil Wayne. The two met in 2002 when he came up on stage during one of Nieve’s performances at an event for Reebok shoes; they dated soon after that and became engaged – all while having different lifestyles (as is often seen among rappers).


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However, this wouldn’t last long before cracks started showing because once again – like many other times before-Lil’Wayne went back into his high-risk lifestyle: drugs/partying, etc., which caused severe strain within their relationship. 

In 2003, she started seeing producer Terius Nash AKA The-Dream whom she eventually married in 2004; together they have twin sons from 2005 onwards too.

Nivea Career:

Nivea’s career began when she was just 18 years old. Her first contribution to a song came in 2000 on “Danger,” which is also where her fame started; after releasing this single, Nieve would go on to sign with Jive Records and produce Don’t Mess With The Radio from 2003! This track reached number 90 on the Hot 100 list making it one of those rare gems that never gets forgotten about portable (pun intended).

The next step Nivea took was to release her self-titled album which peaked in the U.S at number 80 on Billboard 200 list; she got a big breakthrough when “Don’t Mess with My Man” reached 8 places on Hot 100’s naughty web songs chart – this achievement surely impressed many people around town.

The highly anticipated Laundromat album by Nivea was released in 2015 to rave reviews. The single “You Wanna Touch Me” received heavy play on Top 40 and rhythmic radio, establishing the group’s presence even more so than before while earning them their first Grammy nomination for Best R&B Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals.

The past few years have been tough for Echo as she has found herself going through personal problems, but it looks like things are turning around. In 2019 alone her album Mirrors was released which features songs about breaking free from what’s holding you back and finding hope in an uncertain world while also working on other projects such as The Randy Watson Collection with whom he shares writing credits too.

Nivea Net Worth:

Nivea’s net worth has increased by more than 1 million dollars since she last released an album in 2003. The success of her early 2000s was what helped boost the German model into fame and now with Nicely trying to revamp herself again, it might just make things even better for this working mother who currently holds an estimated wealth valued at $2M.

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