Matt Mauser Net Worth: Bio, Early Life and Career

Matt Mauser net worth

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Matt Mauser Net Worth: How Rich is Christina Mauser’s Husband?

Matt Mauser is an American singer and songwriter who recently auditioned for America’s Got Talent. His wife Christina was killed in a helicopter crash along with Kobe Bryant one and a half years ago. In his audition, Matt gave an emotional performance of Phil Collins’ song “Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)”. While Matt Mauser’s net worth is still under review, we would like to take a look at his wife Christina’s estate instead.

Full Name Matt Mauser
Birth Date N/A
Birth Place United States of America
Profession Singer, Songwriter
Wife Christina
Net Worth Under Review

Matt Mauser Early life:

Matt Mauser is a forty-something-year-old man who has been in the industry for as long as he can remember. He started out selling stereos when he was just seven years old and it seems like every other their since then his life goal has involved music: singing, dancing…you name it.

As best we know right now, Matt’s age will hopefully become clearer soon but until then keep up with all things “ matt” on Facebook, Twitter, and his website.

Matt is a talented singer and dancer who has been recognized for his skills both on stage, on the water polo court, or at whatever sport he’s playing.

Personal Life:

Matt Mauser is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist who met Christina in 2004 when he performed at the dive bar. After seeing her dance all over him with those sexy moves of hers he knew she was his forever love! They were married for 15 great years before she passed away from a helicopter crash on 26th January 2020 alongside Kobe Bryant (music coach).

Matt has been a single father to his three children since he lost their mother, Christina. Though the kids were watching him on AGT live and gave an enthusiastic standing ovation after each performance that day.

He revealed in this pre-interview with host Terry Crews how much she supported him through everything despite being a part of it all these years – even though they are no longer together as a couple or family anymore (since 2011). The judges awarded Matt’s vocals another round of massive praise by saying “you’ve done amazing.”

Matt Mauser Career:

Matt had been dreaming of starting a band for years, but he put off doing so because it would mean giving up on his dreams to become an athlete. It wasn’t until after competing in college graduation that Matt finally made the decision and founded Tijuana Dogs with Marcos de la Cruz as well as friends Dave Murdy (guitar teacher)and Rick Deeb who joined them soon afterward.

After Matt had started performing at corporate parties, weddings, and other events in his area of the UK. He became more interested in Frank Sinatra’s music after meeting with him through Dave Murdy who also happens to be a member of this band that he founded back in 2011.

In 2005 when they were just putting up ideas for new projects together; one thing came naturally – forming “The Pete Jacobs Band” after namesake producer/musician legend backed by 3 legendary guitarists none else than Joe Pass (Greg Phillinganes), Jimmy van Zandt Jr., bassist Piotr Strukoseski.

The duo soon formed a beautiful partnership that created the essence of young Frank Sinatra. They even went on to form their band, “Sinatras” which gathered fans from all around for an amazing show.

Matt has a voice that can match up to Sinatra’s classic sound. He recently performed on American Got Talent, where he stunned the audiences and judges by singing Phil Collins’ song “Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)”.

Journey as AGT contestant:

Matt Mauser is one of the most famous auditioners to ever appear on America’s Got Talent. His set will debut next season, according to rumors.

NBC’s hit reality show, “America’s Got Talent,” has always been a fan favorite. This season is no exception as viewers are eagerly awaiting to see what will happen when Matt performs on stage with his dynamic voice and powerful tenor.

Relationship Status:

Matt Mauser is a lucky man. He was married to his wife Christina for 14 years, and they had one daughter together before she died when they were both only 38-years old! Now that’s what you could call a love affair with an older woman – or perhaps just good genes.

Following the helicopter crash on January 26, 2020, that claimed over 30 lives and left one person injured (Kobe Bryant), she was with him. Aside from them, his daughter Gianna Bryant lost their own life along with six others who were reportedly going to a competition at Mamba Sports Academy.

When Matt’s daughter Penny was about to board the helicopter, her father pushed for him and eventually got there in time so she wouldn’t have been left behind.

Matt Mauser Net Worth:

Matt Mauser is a well-known musician who has been performing at various music events along with his rock band, and Sinatra outfit for many years. It’s probably safe to say that this experience helped him gather up some considerable funds over time.

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