Jorge Valdes Net Worth: Bio, Early Life and Career

Jorge Valdes Net Worth: Bio, Early Life and Career

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It’s no secret that drug trafficking is a hugely profitable business. However, not many people know just how much money some of the biggest players in the game makers. Jorge Valdes, also known as “The Godfather,” is one such player. This article will take a closer look at Jorge Valdes net worth and what made him so successful in the world of drug trafficking.

Full Name Dr. Jorge L. Valdes
Birth Date February 29, 1956
Birth Place Havana, Cuba
Profession Ex-Drug Lord, Speaker, and Author
Relationship Status Married
Net Worth $500,000

Jorge Valdes Early Life

When 10-year-old Valdes was moved from Cuba to Miami by boarding one of the last freedom flights present there, he grew up in New Jersey with education always being a priority.

He attended high school at Hudson Catholic and afterward went on to complete his degree at The University Of Miami where he graduated Magna Cum Laude(With Great Distinction).

He not only got a degree from one of America’s most prestigious universities, but he also studied at an accredited college and learned about Bible Theology.

He continued his education later on to earn both the Master’s Degree as well as Doctorate degrees in Sacred Scripture from Wheaton College- all because this man wanted more knowledge when it came down to how scripture should be understood!

Personal Life:

Jorge Valdes is a happily married man. He was previously married to Sherry but cheated on her which led to the breakup of their relationship and eventually an attorney getting him caught for writing another woman’s name down for applicant-friendly divorce proceedings that would make things easier financially.

Jorge Valdes Career

Jorge’s life changed forever when he met La Puerta del Sol. The first client to trust their money in this young man’s hands was an accountant at the Federal Reserve Bank, who offered him guidance during his early years of employment and helped mentor Jorge into becoming one themselves after noticing how skilled yet enthusiastic about work they were able-bodied enough for such positions even though not old enough nor experienced.

Thereafter came many other opportunities where mainly banks but also clients would hire individuals like himself because everyone knew what kind of person they were getting one who was not going to steal from them.

In actuality, this was just the front for a group of international drug dealers. Later on, Valdes got more familiar with them and started working together to head all operations which would be called “The Medellin Cartel.”

With his years of experience in accounting, Valdes was able to become quite valuable to the cartel. He mentions that at one point they were making more than $50 million every month and he even worked closely with Pablo Escobar during this time.

When Cartel leaderrez discussed how he wanted to work with honesty and did not accept Escobar’s proposal of charging dealers on shipments of cocaine, but at one point even ordered his death because they thought it was too suspicious that he had used an airport for this transportation.

He would be charged in 1979 for his involvement with the drug cartel and spent six years behind bars. After being released, Valdes decided to start a new life by launching a smaller disaster restoration company that quickly grew into one of Mexico City’s most well-known companies – Maguilla Restorations.

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  • Jorge Valdes has 5 children. 3 of them are from his previous marriage and two are from his marriage with Sujey Valdes.
  • He personally knew Pablo Escobar.
  • In many interviews, Jorge mentioned that the Scarface movie is based on his life.

Jorge Valdes Net Worth:

Jorge Valdes, the former drug lord who became an international motivational speaker and author after changing careers in his 30s is worth $500,000 as of 2022. He earned this money through various means but most importantly from giving speeches which paid off with a lucrative speaking fee or book deal depending on what you’re looking for.

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