Stu Feiner Net Worth: Bio, Wife and Career

Stu Feiner Net Worth: Bio, Wife and Career

If you’re a fan of sports, then you’ve probably heard the name, Stu Feiner. He is considered one of the most successful sports handicappers in the world and has made a fortune through his accurate predictions. But how rich is Stu Feiner actually? As of 2022, Stu Feiner net worth is estimated to be around $13 million. That’s pretty impressive! Through his years of experience in the industry, and his unmatched expertise, Feiner has been able to amass a fortune that most people can only dream about.

Full Name Stu Feiner
Birth Date January 31, 1961
Birth Place Long Island New York
Profession Sports handicapper
Wife Sandra M. Feiner
Net Worth $13 million

Early life

When I was seven years old, my mother died from breast cancer complications. She had been sick for about three months before passing away in our apartment on Long Island with me by her side holding onto what little strength left inside of us so that we could make it through each day together as if it were just one more mile until death did take its inevitable claim over both our lives – but not without first demanding something invaluable be given up along the way: freedom itself – the very thing that we as humans hold so dear and close to our hearts.

Feiner has always had a passion for business and accounting. He credits his schooling at Farmingdale High School, where he studied until grade nine before entering Nassau Community College (Nassau CC). In 1980 Feinery earned an Associate’s degree in Business with honors from there too.

Stu Feiner Personal life

Stu Feiner was the man who was born to Howard and his late mother in 1961. He lost both of them due Strictly to Breast Cancer compilations as well as Substance Abuse which he struggles with every day since 2006 when it first started happening, but thanks goodness they are not here anymore because if this would have been India’s fate too then I don’t know what could’ve happened.

He married Sandra on 12th March 1988 during their time at friends’ wedding reception following an engagement that lasted more than 5 years before taking place. The couple has four children, three boys, and a girl.

Stu is a lucky man. He has been able to date his childhood sweetheart for over 30 years, and now they are both considerably older with four children between them! The first person who told Stu that Sandra was the keeper of his life after he himself admitted it wasn’t easy on their relationship due in part because she had more patience than most people would think possible considering how quickly things can change when you’re young-ish anyhow.

Sandra Feiner-Wife

Though not as well-known, Stu Feiner has had an equally impressive life with his wife and children. He married Sandra M in 1976 before they had four kids together; one of whom is currently playing professional football for the New York Giants.

Stu Feiner Career

Stu has been involved in the sports handicapping industry since 1982. He appeared on the national TV syndicated show “Sports Advisors” where he demonstrated how gambling is just another financial market that generates lucrative returns for investors like you.

When Stu Feiner was getting popular for his handicapping skills, he allowed Sports Illustrated to document all of the NFL picks. Though it didn’t go perfectly and ended up with just a 37% win rate in four weeks time span! Later on down the road after being exposed by this magazine many years ago for falsifying records-Stuff happened.

Stu had been betting on sports for years before the internet era, and he gained much experience through both winning and losing bets. He knew what could happen if you don’t know how these things work- so when it came time to make his own mark in this new world of online wagering as well, Stue was more than ready.

Sports Illustrator tries to put different stories while exposing Stu Feiner. According to the sports media company, his brother-in-law Kevin Duffy published an advertisement in The New York Daily News where he predicted who would win week one of NFL games before they started off which was odd because it wasn’t legal for him to do so since gambling isn’t allowed yet anyways but whatever.

When Stu Feiner’s real-life character was presented in the 2005 movie “Two for the Money,” Al Pacino took up his role. This film tells us about how this man got involved with betting on sports and why it ultimately led to nothing, but that doesn’t mean we should follow suit.

The film is based on the true story of former college football star Brandon Long and his experiences with a one-time friend turned bitter rival, Stu Feiner. The movie shows how they became aligned until it all came crashing down in an epic betting scandal that rocked both their worlds.

Stu Feiner Net worth

Earlier, Feiner had a net worth of $16 million from his sports handicapping business which employed 200 people. Today he owns 12 houses and properties at Farmingdale as well as 11 more back home in New York City.

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