Jenni Rivera Net Worth: Early Life, Career and Death

Jenni Rivera Net Worth: Early Life, Career and Death

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Jenni Rivera was a Mexican-American singer, actress, songwriter, TV producer, and entrepreneur. She was best known for her musical contribution within the Regional Mexican music genre in the styles of Mariachi, Banda, and Norteno. Rivera was named the best-selling Latin artist of 2013, and she had produced 15 gold and 5 double platinum records during her music career. Jenni Rivera’s net worth at the time of her death was estimated to be around $25 million. Unfortunately, on December 9th, 2012 Jenni Rivera died in a plane crash.

Full Name Dolores Janney Rivera Saavedra
Date of Birth July 2, 1969
Place of Birth Long Beach, California, U. S.
Occupation Singer, Actress
Husband Esteban Loaiza
Net Worth $25 million
Death December 9, 2012

Early life:

Jenni Rivera is a talented singer and songwriter who has been influencing Latin music for years. She was born on July 2, 1969, in Long Beach California to parents Pedro Saavedra Jr., 47th degree Mexican spaced grandmaster musician from Taxco (a city near Mexico City)and Rosa Jaus Tormentillo de la Pena y Tarango Atoyano Grijollo Mediante Instructico; eight children including five girls – one of which would become famous as well! By 15 years old age she had already given birth once but this didn’t stop her love affair with traditional culture. 

As soon as Jenni Rivera became a teenager, she started to get into trouble. She was expelled from multiple schools and got into fights often. Jenni’s father was very strict with his children and he didn’t approve of her rebel behavior. Jenni’s mother, on the other hand, was more lenient and she often came to her rescue. Jenni’s mother passed away when Jenni was only two years old.

Jessica’s first job was working at a record store where she sold CDs and helped people find what they were looking for. She also continued with school, graduating as class valedictorian before joining the California State University Long Beach where she received her degree in Business Administration Followed that up by serving real estate after time had passed; eventually starting work elsewhere within Cintas Acuario (the company founded by Jessica’s father) which is now known worldwide.

Jenni Rivera Personal life

Rivera’s first marriage was to her long-time boyfriend and father of two children. They eventually tied the knot, shortly after which they had a daughter together named Jacqueline (born 1989). A year later their relationship ended in physical abuse according to Marin when she cited it as a reason for ending their marriage with him despite being emotionally hurt from his actions this cleared up my confusion about why there were three marriages.

In 1997, Rosie Rivera Confessed that her sister Chiquis and Jackie were being molested by Marín. A physical examination showed the same thing had happened to Jacqueline so she decided enough was indeed gone.

In 1997, Rivera married her second husband Juan López. A year later they had a daughter named Jenica and two years after that their son also arrived on the scene known as “Juan Angel”. It didn’t take too long before marriage caused strain between this couple though because not only did she claim there were problems in 2003 when talking about how hard it is raising three children alone but divorce proceedings finally came through just last year after 22 longish years together and guess what? They’re still very much apart.

Following her divorce from Esteban Loaiza, Rivera filed for a quickie settlement in 2003 and just 4 months later she finalized it. While we don’t know if this was hard on López as well or if he ever got over his break up with ex-wife–since 2009 there’s no need to worry about that since sadly last year (2013) due to complications during an incarceration period while serving time drug charges caused his death.

Jenni Rivera Career:

In 1992, she recorded a song as an ode to her dad on Father’s Day. After that, more songs followed and eventually signed with Capitol/EMI’s Latin division in 1995. Her first studio album “Chacalosa” was released though it struggled with radio play mostly by men at the time marketed dominated heavily toward males until 1998 when stations began playing more women artists.

Jenni’s second album, “La Gran Señora”, was released in 2002 and quickly went platinum due to the success of its single “La Chacalosa”.

The following year, Jenni released her third album, “Paradise”. The album was produced by Sergio Valdez and featured a more pop-oriented sound. The lead single, “Qué Me Vas a Dar”, became one of her most successful singles, charting on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart.

Even though she had a bad experience when the radio programmer threw her CD in the trash right before his face, She didn’t give up and released two other albums. The first one is called “We Are Rivera” which came out in 2009; then later that same year or maybe early next one spelled Selena’s Farewell Toselena independently.

In the late 1900s, she was signed to Sony Music and in 1999, she signed with Fonovisa Records. Rivera came up with her debut commercial album titled “Que Me Entierren Con la Banda” in 1999. Jenni received her first Latin Grammy nomination when she dropped two records titled “Dejate Amar” and “Se las Voy a Dar an Otro” in 2001.

In 2005, she achieved more substantial success after releasing her first record titled “Parrandera”. The song “Rebelde y Atrevida” from this album became a big hit which charted on the Top 10 list at #7 for Billboard’s Latin Albums Chart.

She has been a star for over 15 years, and in that time she’s released nine studio albums. Her most recent release is “Mi Vida Loca,” which is charted at No 1 on the Regional Mexican Albums Chart! Jenni was also nominated as Best Ranchero Artist last year with her newest album La Gran Senora – it’s great to see what people call ‘the Queen of Talent’ still going strong after all these years.

Other than her singing career, she has also been featured on reality shows. She has produced the reality TV show called “Chiquis & Raq-C” which featured her oldest daughter, Chiquis. Then, she appeared in the spin-off reality show “I Love Jenni”. After that, she appeared as a coach in the Mexican talent show “La Voz… Mexico”.

By early 2013, her album had sold over a million copies worldwide and charted at number 1 on Billboard’s Top Latin Albums chart. In December 2012 she released “La Misma Gran Senora” which is now available for purchase.

Jenni Rivera Death:

Singer Jenni Rivera and six others were killed in a plane accident when they headed towards Toluca, Mexico for her performance on July 2nd, 1969- December 9th, 2012 (die at 43 years old). The singer had finished performing last night but heading back after the show she joined five other members of the team up with two pilots who were flying them to an airport where another gig awaited – only this time it would be shot from one pistol instead.

They never made it. Reports from the accident site are still coming in, but early reports suggest that the plane experienced technical difficulties and crashed into a cliffside near Monterrey Airport just after taking off last night. The story continues with more details on what happened when we lowered our heads again.

The plane lost contact with air traffic controllers around 15 minutes after takeoff, and it ended up crashing into mountains near the border between Coahuila and Nuevo León states. Two people died in this accident: one employee from Cardosa’s TV production company along with his son who was also on board; while three others survived but have been reported missing until now.

It is not yet clear what caused the accident, but an investigation has been launched. Jenni Rivera was one of the most popular Mexican-American singers in the region, and her death is a big loss for the music industry. She was 43 years old at the time of her death.

Award ceremonies:

On the 25th anniversary of her death, Selena was honored with all sorts of memorabilia and highlights from her career featured during an introduction at this year’s Lo Nuestro Awards. In turn, Latin singers paid tribute by performing some favorite hits that we remember so well such as “No Me Queda Mas” [29] a song released just before their prime years had passed away too soon! The ceremony even included performances done professionally by both Juan Rivera’s brother who sang on one side while utilizing his guitar and on the other side we had Chiquis Rivera who is Jenni’s daughter who also took to the stage

Jenni Rivera Net Worth:

Jenni Rivera was a successful singer, songwriter, and actress who had an estimated net worth of $25 million before she died on December 9th, 2012 at age 43. After successfully tracking down Jennis’s family through litigation against Starwood Management Inc., which owned her Learjet 25 when it crashed in 2003 with all aboard a judge ordered the $70 million dollars.

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